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Order of Skin Care Routine (wash, tone, exfoliate, mousterize, etc)?

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  • Order of Skin Care Routine (wash, tone, exfoliate, mousterize, etc)?

    Hey, guys. I'm curious what symptoms you have and in what order you do the classic five parts of a skin-care routine, if you even do all of them. Personally I don't use toner. My best success for my mild phymous rosacea and moderate seb-derm has been roughly the following: (morning) gentle face-wash, then a very light serum with different oils and vitamins. Then a light sun-screen if I go in the sun. That takes me through the day until night-time. At night I exfoliate with a gentle exfoliater-wash and then about an hour later I put on a moisturizer. A couple of times a week I skip the exfoliater-wash and use Differin cream. Anybody use a different routine? If so, why?

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    I've now given up on having any kind of set routine--I mostly go by instinct and treat symptoms. Is this the case for everybody else too? Or do some of you have success with a set routine? Please tell me if you have a set routine that works...


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      I don't have a set routine except for this treatment regime .
      Wash with cleanser, cetaphil anti bacterial soap in the morning. use domeboro soak for 10 minutes the apply compressed foundation by glo minerals make up then take it off at night with a gentle cleanser. and soak again. no toner no moisterizer, no exfolition just very red marks no flushing, acne scars/marks, maybe I don'[t even have rosacea see my rosacea fulminins thread.


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        You're smart to skip the exfoliating. That will wreak havoc on rosacea skin, especially for the phymatous rosacea. By the way, can I ask what your phymatous symptoms are? Do you have swelling? If I don't watch what I eat very carefully, I have swelling on my nose, cheeks, chin, forehead, and eyelids. When I watch my diet carefully it is kept pretty well under control. I like Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizer. It has feverfew, which is supposed to be good for inflammation.
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          Bizi, very interesting. I can't imagine not using moisturizer...although, sometimes it seems to help if I skip it. I tried skipping it for a few days and my skin went insane and puffed up like a spiked fish, so I guess it must depend on the person. I suppose that with rosacea less can be more...maybe I'll try cutting back on some products. Thanks for the response.

          Hey, Queta! Nice to hear from you. My symptoms are as follows: almost no redness and mild swelling on my left cheek and bridge of my nose, as well as along the left side of my nose; on the right side of my nose and left side of my nose tip I sometimes have moderate swelling; all my swelling sites have these large pores, two of them bordering looking like sebaceous hyperplasia.

          I'll skip the hundreds of failures and tell you what's worked for me personally: cutting back on foods with arachidonic acid and taking omega 3 to further fight arachidonic acid levels; taking boswellia (1 gram per day) curcumin (1 gram per day) and white willow bark (also 1 g per day) to help fight cytokines, prostaglandins, and leukotrienes; four QuerCelain (thanks to you for that!) per day and one allegra 180 for fighting histamine keeping mast cells in line; running, using a trampoline five min a day (for lymphatic health), and sleeping on my back to fight the lymphatic swelling; retinoids (Differin) every other day for the pores/phymous tissue; and taking probiotics and watching my sugar intake for gut health, of course--this disease is DEFINITELY gut related. That's what has helped my personally.

          The swelling for me seems to be mostly (in order from strongest to weakest causation): lymphatic and gut issues (I often have swollen lymph nodes in my neck); histamine; and last but not least prostaglandins, cytokines, and leukotrienes. I figured that out by testing several medicines that only had one specific function and seeing how I responded.

          I hope that helps explain my situation. And thank you personally for helping me take my regime to this place. I was honestly just going to the derm and thinking I couldn't figure anything out until I read your post on mast cells.
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