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Is this rosacea/steroid rosacea? any recommended NY derm/naturopath/TCM dr?

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  • Is this rosacea/steroid rosacea? any recommended NY derm/naturopath/TCM dr?

    Hi there,

    Relatively new to the forum and was diagnosed with rosacea a few months ago. I started suffering from various skin problems (eczema, hand eczema, skin irritation, etc) about 2 years ago and it's been a rollercoaster ride ever since. I've been to tons of different derms since then, all of whom don't seem to know half as much as the folks on this forum, which is disheartening.

    I have type 2 rosacea and suffer from p&ps. My skin used to be perfect (although always sensitive) and i started getting some blemishes, which made me freak out and Derm #1 prescribed me Duac which irritated my skin to the point where even using cetaphil would make my skin burn. Around this time, my face started to burn at random times throughout the day. I had a wedding to attend, so Derm #2 prescribed me locoid to apply 2 x a day for a week, and then switched to desonide 2 x a day for another week. It was great, my skin cleared up and I thought that was it. But the random bumps would still appear, which would quickly go away once I applied steroids to my face. So I continued applying steroids without knowing about its harmful effects...not daily, but often enough that I think it became an issue. I soon started applying Elocon on my face because that was the most effective.

    About 1.5+ years after my first application of steroids, I finally realized just how harmful it was and discontinued using it. In those 1.5 years I'd been to 4 another derms who told me I had acne, or folliculitis etc. When I finally decided to go back to Derm #2, he then diagnosed me with rosacea (I'd stopped applying steroids for about a month by then), started me on Oracea and 10% sodium sulfacetamide and gave me my first IPL. Oracea seemed to work ok at face wasn't completely clear but I could live with it. Then 2 weeks into it I had the worst p&p breakout ever - so bad that I called in sick and didnt show up to work (silly, I know). Derm then upped the dosage and switched me to Doryx (doxycycline 150mg), and added finacea to the mix. My skin cleared up but about half a month into it, started getting hives and also these weird bumps under the skin. These bumps are not that noticeable unless I'm standing under the light and at an angle (eg. if you put a torchlight under your chin) and then you can see them clearly..they're bumps that seem to be from deep under my skin and on the surface my skin seems (relative) fine.

    So at this point I was back home in singapore for a holiday and went to Derm #14809348. He agreed with the rosacea diagnosis but said that this was probably steroid induced because most east asians dont get rosacea (is this true??) He gave me my second IPL and also prescribed me Physiogel A.I. cream (i think it's called something else in the US) and Elidel, both of which I think have helped me although it's really hard to figure out what does help and what doesn't. They've helped with my hives and the weird bumps under my skin but not completely. Since then, Derm #2 (whom I continue to see while I'm in NY) has reduced my dosage to 75mg doxycycline with not much adverse effects (fingers still crossed).

    Sorry for the long post, which I'd intended to be a simple question re: TCM but turned into a long post about my history of rosacea and skin problems...It's just so frustrating because the derms don't seem to really understand rosacea or quite frankly, even want to help me combat this problem. I'm more than certain than the folks on this forum probably have a better idea and more insights into my problems. So here are my questions:

    1) When I flush, I don't get red but feel really hot and my skin is hot to the touch too. Mostly on my face but sometimes my whole body (and even hands) feel hot. Is this regular/normal or consistent with flushing?

    2) Are hives related to rosacea? Or can it be an allergic reaction to the doxycycline? My current derm insists that it's something that I put on my face but I haven't changed any skin/hair products at all.

    3) What are these weird bumps underneath my skin? Could they be p&ps that are not coming up to the surface because of the doxycycline? Or could they be eczema related or some immune system reaction to something? Areas where these weird bumps are also feel tender and "puffy" and a little swollen.

    4) Can anybody recommend a good naturopath, accupunturist, TCM practitioner in NY?

    5) Can anyone also recommend a good allergist/food intolerant specialist who can help me figure out what I'm allergic/intolerant too? The one time I went to an allergist, he gave me food patch testing and told me I was mildly allergic to broccoli, peas, carrots and corn but that the results were inconclusive (!!)

    6) Any recommendations for NY derm? I've seen Melissa's posts about Dr. David Cohen and did try to make an appt with him although he's booked for several months and he doesn't take insurance. At this point though, I think I'll gladly pay to get som relief from these problems.

    7) Are east asians really not susceptible to rosacea? I found this slightly hard to believe as I swear I've seen posts by another east asians who are suffering from rosacea too.

    Again, sorry for the long post. Any help, suggestions, advice would really be appreciated. This forum has helped me so much and I can't begin to start explaining how grateful i am. While it's nice to know I'm not the only one out there, I sincerely hope that there will be a day where medicine and science can help us cure this skin condition so that there won't be a need for a forum like this anymore. Here's hoping..

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    Also wanted to add that i had random whiteheads/bumps on my chest too which I think was folliculitis but is now gone

    The other thing is, my rosacea seems to be around my mouth area (perioral dermatitis instead?) and the spot below my eyes and alongside my nose (but not like a butterfly area) which doesn't really seem to me like it's you can see, i'm super confused..


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      I have the exact same problem with the flushing. I don't flush only in the face, but the flush is in the chest, belly, hands (my veins become swollen, and sometimes it hurts a bit), and sometimes even feets.
      I asked my acupunturist about that problem. First he said that the flushing problem is about an elevation of the Yang from the liver, called liver fire (translation from french "le feu du foie", I don't know if it is the exact terms in english). This induces some links with the gallbladder, but mainly with the spleen and the stomach. What happens is that the yang energy elevates in the stomach and the stomach meridian passes in the nose and face, that's why we get flushed here. The fluids in the body are controlled by the spleen, so he explained to me something about the energy stuck in the spleen, and thus the swollen and flushed sensations in the hands and throughout the body.
      Last week I had some flushing sensations in my hands, and it hurted. Then I had my session with him and after I told him this prob, he treated it, the flushing disappeard. Now it's fine and my hands are just as cold as usual.
      He uses about 6 or 7 needles in my right leg and foot, and in the wrists. And I have to tell you that if you go to an acupuncturist using 35 needles, just run fast. They only need a few ones to adress a problem, in the really traditional way. My acupuncturist studied in Shangaï with a great master, so he knows what he's talking about, compared to most of the GP's who make a short acupuncture formation in 3 week-ends.
      I would say also to improve your digestion, by the use of digestive bitters. The stomach problem in TCM is related to a poor or incomplete digestion, or an allergy resulting from that.
      You just have to taste them before you start eating. Put some of the liquid in your mouth and keep it to taste it well. They will stimulates the vagus nerve, which will stimulate the stomach, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder to make and releases digestive juices.
      You can also add Trimethylglycine (500-1000 mg with meals) and 2x 25mg of zinc with meals, along with B vitamins. They will help to create gastric acid and thus improve digestion.
      This combination of supplements does really help me. Just try!

      Hope this helps.


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        Many thanks, Mask, I'll definitely try out what you recommended!