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  1. Low Level Red Light Therapy (Acnelamp Red) Update
  2. Red lamp that utilizes both 660 and 880 nm
  3. Update on Super-Duper LED array
  4. Light Therapies and how they work
  5. LLT and LED-induced 1st degree burns and flushing
  6. Update: LED array progress
  7. Some information regarding LEDs and their therapeutic uses
  8. Red light therapy..can someone help me get this...
  9. Red Light Therapy
  10. Red light??
  11. Healing with single frequency light
  12. Dimalux - LLLT - from Dima-Tech
  13. LED red blue and infrared.
  14. Red + Near Infrared Dimalux, et al
  15. ? on using search
  16. Red Light Therapy - Dimalux Review
  17. Red Light Therapy – Photon Tender TPB-300 Review
  18. Would Blue LEDs be a possible treatment for rosacea?
  19. Red light used to treat skin cancer
  20. RLT - The Actual Facts - Nase Story versus Crouch Story
  21. Article: Low-Level Lasers and LEDs:Myth or Reality?
  22. LED Choices
  23. Homemade LED array almost ready
  24. Attn Dr Crouch - Re: Home Made Red LED Arrays
  25. LED : Time to move on?
  26. **POLL** Low Level Light Therapy / Red Light Therapy
  27. Red Light Therapy – Warp10 Review
  28. Red Light Therapy – the LEDMAN Custom Array Review
  29. Hozer2k - LED Journal
  30. LED Proximity
  31. Red Light Therapy- any negative experiences?
  32. Which LED color should I get?
  33. red light therapy and metrogel?????
  34. Have you experienced side-effects from Red Light Therapy?
  35. Stand/suspension for Elixa LEDs?
  36. Why is the RLT Trial taking so long?
  37. Light Therapy Questions
  38. Interesting Info on the RSRP - Low Level Light Therapy
  39. LED therapy with IPL / MetroCream/Gel
  40. Yellow LED
  41. Eye protection, moisturizer and Red Light Therapy
  42. Quality of Elixa LEDs
  43. Red LEDs and why you look calm afterwards
  44. does this unit look any good???
  45. Infrared???
  46. Christmas lights
  47. UVB - Contraindications?
  48. Which RLT/LLLT unit?
  49. RLT Experiment Log
  50. A New Recruit
  51. Light therapy and Eczema
  52. Red or Red & Near-Infared?
  53. RLT and IPL
  54. Some basic RLT/LLLT questions!
  55. Near infrared vs. infrared
  56. can you take oral antibiotics while undergoing red light?
  57. LED Light Therapy Research
  58. Any benefit for longer RLT sessions?
  59. Red Light Therapy and Seb Derm
  60. Red Light Therapy and medications
  61. What do you think of these products?
  62. If Yellow LED is 595mm, it's same as V-Beam? does it mean
  63. Yellow LEDs for dry, gritty eyes
  64. Red lamp newbie..need advice
  65. red light and sore eyes
  66. RLT going well for me.... however....
  67. times of the day when using red light
  68. I made my own LED array! Photos and some info about it.
  69. BioBeam
  70. How viable an option is this?
  72. RLT, nitric oxide, capillary formation, MUST READ
  73. RLT - Blindness - sight damage?
  74. DPL therapy
  75. New Recruit (who made a boo boo in ordering her boards)
  76. RED BULB
  77. to peter=twickle purple-jen-iowa david=led lights
  78. Red light and P&Ps
  79. A bonus for the follically challenged
  80. S.A.D. Light Boxes
  81. ZZcream and red light
  82. Attention, please. All light therapy users...
  83. RLT after and before IPL
  84. what happens if you stop RLT
  85. Which RLT is best for me?
  86. Flushing Worse Over Last 4 days.
  87. questions for twickle purple-jen and peter
  88. Eye protection??
  89. To start or not to start?
  90. Eye protection for RLT?
  91. Think i'm going to give this a shot on recommendation...
  92. extreme exposure to RLT.......
  93. does the near infrared make a big difference????
  94. battery powered RLT
  95. desperately need advice cause i am running out of options
  96. does RLT thicken skin
  97. british company that sells led
  98. Feeling really deflated
  99. too much red light therapy may cause wrinkles ??
  100. red light therapy and the sun
  101. it didn't go so well
  102. Week 1 of RLT - my experience so far...
  103. how many mins do you use your red light
  104. A bit confused...
  105. I've had increased flushing and blushing from RLT
  106. RLT for hyperpigmentation?
  107. Baby Quasar
  108. Where can I really get some comprehensive education...
  109. Month 1 of RLT - My experience so far...
  110. Help with which light to buy
  111. Question about homemade LED array.
  112. dry skin and red light?
  113. Huzzah have my Dermalux machine at last
  114. Update
  115. welding goggles/NIR
  116. LLLT - an introduction
  117. anybody need safety glasses?
  118. DPL Unit
  119. New Red light machine no longer needed for sale REDUCED !!
  120. red light head from acne lamp
  121. do the led red light boxes promote skin ageing - dna damage?
  122. rlt
  123. This may be a silly question but ....
  124. Photon Beauty Device
  125. Dissapointed in Cold Light Red/Blue
  126. Has anyone had this experience with red/blue light?
  127. should i wear googles or not i got bad eye puffiness
  128. nerve pain in face like tingling sensations
  129. open pores
  131. Questions about RLT
  132. RED LED VS. NEAR INFRARED - Anyone ?
  133. how long before one see's results
  134. RLT - my progress
  135. Something IMPORTANT I've noticed about this forum
  136. Has anyone heard of ELOS technology?
  137. Need opinions
  138. dr. perricoen home led device
  139. near infrared
  140. cleartouch lite home device
  141. Want to order red light but
  142. near infrared/ red light safe to use with doxycycline
  143. the new dpl therapy light
  144. to twickle purple
  145. Red light is in..but?
  146. RLT choices
  147. Been using red light for a week now
  148. Infrared goggles
  149. Low Level Light Laser
  150. Acne Lamp
  151. RLT without goggles/Ocular rosacea
  152. New Infrared light thingie
  153. Red LED array...what do you think?
  154. Worries about rlt and angiogenesis
  155. Worries about rlt and angiogenesis
  156. Eye Risk with Blue Light
  157. Red LED Spotlights for Therapy?
  158. I got my Red LED Box today!
  159. Considering RLT
  160. The Benefits
  161. Trouble getting replies from acnelamp
  162. Red LED supplier in the UK
  163. What intensity ("mcd") is safe?
  164. Tanda Skincare-Red light
  165. LLLT and Ears- is it safe?
  166. How long should each red LED session be?
  167. Flushing post llrt
  168. Acnelamp question
  169. Flushing and rlt
  170. Cheap RLT
  171. Red/Blue light for Seb derm?
  172. Anyone use the hand held version of acnelamp?
  173. LLLT : Shedding light on a new biological paradigm
  174. Added benefits of red light?
  175. is omnilux red light bad?
  176. is red light bad?
  177. RLT stop flushes
  178. any good home blue LED devices?
  179. infra-red lamp
  180. Where can i buy a RLT lamp?
  181. blue light reduces inflammation
  182. Tried RLT today
  183. Just a few questions...
  184. Is this okay?
  185. derm, told me red led is bad
  186. What do you do while baking under the lights?
  187. I think I'm getting this unit, but...
  188. Curious about this product
  189. Who has used Blue light on their rosacea?
  190. Looking for reviews of this unit
  191. RLT as sunscreen?
  192. Has anyone considered Halogens?
  193. At home method to test power density
  194. Test Results - Power Density
  195. DPL Unit
  196. Blue light for seb derm
  197. LUX versus power/output/MCD
  198. RLT similar effects as sunlight?
  199. Red light vs. NIR
  200. To those who made their own RLT device...
  201. rosacea and melasma advice needed
  202. Low dose accutane and light therapy okay?
  203. Melissa's LED Array formerly known as RLT choices
  204. to melissa
  205. Red light therapy - individual experiences
  206. Used hand held light unit
  207. 650 or 660nm
  208. skin healing up again
  209. How can RLT Help mild rosacea?
  210. Can LLLT help with a puffy face?
  211. High power light Vs. low power light (low level)
  212. Flushing after a few days of use?
  213. Does LLLT help with hyperpigmentation?
  214. Has anybody got a bad reaction to LLLT? (650-660nm)
  215. Red light therapy working well
  216. Does LLLT help with skin texture?
  217. RLT makes skin dry ? moisturize
  218. anyone have age-spots made worse by red led light?
  219. which one?
  220. LLT and acne
  221. what if you stop?
  222. Anyone using Yellow LEDS?
  223. LLT on Doxycyline
  224. Would this lamp be suitable for treating rosacea?
  225. 660nm or 880nm - either of these is better for facial pain?
  226. Which therapy would be better...
  227. red/blue combo + dryness?
  228. Yellow LED?
  229. RLT and more papules
  230. acne light pens
  231. Feedback for Elixa or DPL units? Thanks!
  232. Does the brightness or mcd rating really matter?
  233. LED questions
  234. Nase is ***** crazy
  235. LLLT VS RLT in the treatment of rosacea
  236. Apologies for posting again but found two units
  237. Power Supply for Homemade RLT Unit
  238. Having a tough time making a decision...
  239. just started acnelamp
  240. Has anyone used Ledman products?
  241. Reduction in redness
  242. RED light therapy and Doxy
  243. Could someone please recommend an LED unit?
  244. Get a Shower and LED treatment
  245. how best to use a hand held red light therapy device?
  246. omnilux clear-u handheld
  247. Time to Take its Effect
  248. Want to source Red Light products in UK?
  249. lookin for a new red light unit in the uk
  250. Help Nose getting more reactive