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  1. Does ANYONE have IowaDavid's instructions on how to make an at home RLT device?
  2. What do you think about this RLT device??
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  9. Has anyone experience facial fat loss from red light?
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  22. Red Light Therapy, darkening skin tone
  23. LLLT/RLT also for KPRF?
  24. Skin treatment (face) after ipl treatment
  25. Does anyone have a picture of a LED array based on Iowa David's instructions?
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  29. Buying a Red Light in Ireland/Europe
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  31. SoothingRain Red LED light LLLT (Iowa Dave’s)
  32. What wavelength has helped you ?
  33. Has anyone used RLT successfully for Seb Derm ?
  34. Grow light? (660nm LED)
  35. Why does V beam cause fat loss ? (If it does)
  36. what about this mask?
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  42. What distance&exposure time?
  43. Dermalux Tr-Wave LED sessions at cosmetic clinic
  44. Grow light? (810nm+ LED)
  45. Photon Light mask