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  1. Attn: Laser experts - does this sound good for me?
  2. Just popped by to say Hi ............
  3. Acne Lamp all-red unit
  4. Info on continuing IPL treatment
  5. Candela Ellipse I2PL and odd photo
  6. Filters on IPL for flushing
  7. Returning to exercise after IPL
  8. Dr. Nase, your guidance on laser info would mean a lot..
  9. Question about filters on Vasculight devise? Need to be.....
  10. state of the art in IPL/laser treatment
  11. When to never use the Yag 1064?
  12. 4th IPL - not getting better - options?
  13. SR head or VL head ? Which one? pls ro
  14. Moxonidine after IPL
  15. IPL vs. V-beam vs. N-lite
  16. dr. nase, specifics on oral meds/supplements during ipl
  17. Dr Soldo/ N Lite/IPL Rosacea and Sebaceous Gland Dysfunction
  18. Questions to ask your IPL doctor?
  19. Absolutely Ludicrous Fake Post Laser Photo
  20. Is this old laser news or new laser news? Daily Mail 14/06
  21. IPL Facial Matting
  22. 4th IPL treatment and another brick wall
  23. Dr. Nase, Lumenis One protocols?
  24. Anyone know what settings(filters, heads, joules, pulses
  25. Has anyone ever called Lumenis about their IPL machines? >
  26. burning post ipl--what went wrong
  27. itching after IPL?
  28. Vasculight IPL Machine - Effective???
  29. comeback on laser treatments
  30. Increase in Papules - Post IPL Treatment
  31. Does anyone know settings for NLITE,YAG, & Lumenis One?
  32. Iridex Diolite 532
  33. Measurement of IPL redness reduction
  34. Good results after 1st IPL, permanent or just temporary?
  35. Considering IPl?
  36. I don't mean 2 be a pest but can these questions be answered
  37. Brazilian Dermatologist with Lumenis and YAG
  38. Is the second pass done with the Vasculight SR or >>&g
  39. Question about Lumenis One
  40. Is it possible for me to visually determine the depth >&g
  41. Questions for laser-resistant cases like myself...
  42. Additional Reading for Lasers and IPL
  43. How good is the Quantum IPL machine?
  44. Cynosure V-Star PDL & Palomar Medilux IPL
  45. Which filter has more scatter? 550 or 570? thanks
  46. 1064 YAG for treating Angiogenesis
  47. Better Laser Treatments via Direct Blood Flow Measurements
  48. Why isnt IPL Recognised?
  49. Eyelids & Coherent VersaPulse - Question
  50. angiogenesis-inhibitors other then the antibiotics
  51. Which filter has more scatter? 560 or 590? nm
  52. Treat superficial or deep vessels first with Genesis?
  53. Question about Dr. Darm and post IPL flushing
  54. On my mind: Should I save up and see Dr. Darm?
  55. Lasers, etc
  56. Which is better - vascular laser or IPL?
  57. Dr. Soldo and flushing pre-tx
  58. Is Alpha Lipoic Acid one of the supps to stop before IPL?
  59. Soy for hormones and preventing regrowth after tx?
  60. Possible cause of this? (pics included)
  61. Lower Settings/Energy on special places in face?
  62. Triple and Quadruple pass with three laser machines
  63. Undoing a bad laser treatment with the 1064 YAG
  64. using ice post ipl treatment - bad?
  65. IPL settings and Sebaceous Glands
  66. 1064 Yag laser treatment
  67. Dr. Nase, could you provide any leads on ocular specialists
  68. Ellipse
  69. improving the pre ipl flush
  70. IPL 7 days after CO2 laser treatment for seb hyp??
  71. IPL and sun exposure
  72. How is the SR head different than the VL head?TIA. Take Care
  73. How long does post IPL hypopigmentation last?
  74. IPL 7 days after CO2 laser treatment for seb hyp??
  75. Does the diffuse redness on the surface mean that there>&
  76. Cynosure V-Star & Palomer Medilux IPL
  77. Difference between v-beam and IPL?
  78. rebuilding the dermis
  79. I Reviewed this Laser Article 8 months ago -- just out
  80. I give up! I just don't understand!!>>>>>>
  81. This is the device which my derm has>>> ro for link
  82. First IPL next week - nervous, and could use some advice
  83. A register of all lasers?
  84. Can someone clarify these VERY IMPORTANT IPL guidelines!
  85. Laser specialisits profiting off rosacea?
  86. to all you antibiotic (clarithromycin, etc...)users w/ ipl
  87. IPL doctors in Florida
  88. Anyone been treated with IPL by Dr. Schlessinger of Omaha, N
  89. post ipl wobbles - whether to continue?
  90. AMPk and rosacea
  91. Vitamins / supplements to avoid during IPL treatment
  92. Vitamins / supplements to avoid during IPL treatment
  93. My derm now has the Lumenis One! I'll be having my first>
  94. My derm has the Lumenis One! My first treatment will be>&
  95. Scalp, Neck, & Ear Flushing and IPL
  96. Post IPL
  97. genesis laser? good idea .Ive have abetter one
  98. Lumenis One and Levulan
  99. Oops, seems i'm intolerant to IPL
  100. dr nase no more backorder for new sciton laser
  101. What should I do before and after IPL?
  102. Accutane vs Vbeam - what first?
  103. Are the longer wave lengths on the Lumenis IPL equal to the
  104. Physics people! Help with light energy calculations
  105. New IPL Doctor - How many treatments?
  106. General Information on Laser Therapy
  107. Figuring out Lasers
  108. Figuring out Photoderm (IPL)
  109. purple veins on eyelids and blue veins on lower eyelid
  110. The KTP laser- Dr nase do u have any opinions on this laser?
  111. We Have Made So Much Progress In The Past Month!
  112. Finding info on pulse-dosing with clarithromycin after IPL
  113. Bihi -- The Genesis 1064 YAG Laser Question - Photo and Pape
  114. How can you visually tell how depth of the damage? does the&
  115. Opinions on What to do After 2nd IPL???
  116. Best laser for rhinophyma?
  117. 6 weeks between YAG treatments ???
  118. Completed 5th IPL, where from here? Dr. Nase?
  119. Completed 5th IPL, where from here? Dr. Nase?
  120. Dr. Nase, question about down time between laser treatments
  121. Wise 2 get IPL in summer? Is being tanner a disadvantage?
  122. Damage to Ear Cartilage
  123. Gulf Shores, Dr. Diaz patients
  124. ipl in pittsburg dr nase?
  125. Elidel: IPL and Sun Exposure Precautions
  126. Palomar Starlux
  127. Post tx protocol for lamps and supps
  128. Does Xeo or Pulse Dye work with Genesis?
  129. Klonopin and/or Golden seal to inihibit flushing after IPL
  130. Morning Swelling?
  131. Wosrt because of Vbeam
  132. Acne Lamp all-red update
  133. Niacin flush before IPL
  134. Why don't our Canadian Lumenis trained derms know about >
  135. Collagen Build Vs. Dermis Build
  136. How long to stay off Grape Seed etc after IPL/laser?
  137. Photodynamic Therapy
  138. Topical Adenosine--carrier gel for this?
  139. blood vessel removal on eye surface
  140. What is a good flux level for Lumenis One Nd:YAG?
  141. IPL Questions
  142. Will IPL cause my cystic acne to act up?
  143. HIV transmision and Lasers or IPL
  144. anti-depressants and IPL
  145. co2 / exercise - two questions
  146. Called Goldberg in NYC & they weren't helpful at all...
  147. Dr Nick Soldo answers questions on IPL
  148. Laser treatment and Thyroid medication
  149. Where is Swindon, UK?
  150. Does the Lumenis One 590 filter penetrate deeper than 560>
  151. if I have had the 560 filter with Vasculight, should the....
  152. Article
  153. IPL after high dose accutane
  154. n-lite and bruising
  155. N-lite laser??
  156. Which laser type?
  157. Photopneumatic pixilation
  158. Levulen tx for sebacious Hyperplasia and bumpy texture
  159. Ocular Complications wih Photoderm -- Must use Goggles
  160. Does anyone know the pre-sets on Lumenis One? Thanks
  161. What happens if even 25 IPL treatments don't help?
  162. Question about Photoderm - Dr. Nase
  163. Will you really do this??
  164. IPL for dark skin..for dr.nase
  165. What is taught at the Lumenis One training sessions? pls ro
  166. ipl in boston
  167. Dr Jerry Darm Treatment Review: LONG
  168. If used properly. will Lumenis cause bruising? If it does, &
  169. Sciton Profile/BBL (broadband light source)
  170. Query re: your recommendation for settting
  171. Some questions about IPL settings/procedure
  172. Knowing these operators have such little training>>>
  173. Requst for advice before next vbeam
  174. skin texture
  175. Important information about supplements and Laser
  176. Chemical Peel and IPL
  177. clarithromycin post IPL
  178. IPL - Sustaining Results
  179. ELidel during IPL
  180. intense exercise- can that be used as a flush inducer 4 IPL?
  181. Face alot worse due to IPL - will it settle?
  182. When a derm. looks at your skin, what does he see which help
  183. What type of laser treatment
  184. When is a single pulse with the Lumenis One used? >>&g
  185. Light therapy
  186. One last try :P)
  187. Does anyone remember Dr Nase discussing the AFT laser?
  188. Fotofacial - Dr. Redmond in CT
  189. All Red Acne Lamp vs Blue/Red
  190. Dr Darm 1 Week Treatment (Dr Nase: Please Read and Comment)
  191. Is IPL/ laser supposed to work this way
  192. 8 treatments with Dr. Darm
  193. Best laser for orange peel skin? Please help
  194. Best laser for cystic acne that won't aggravate rosacea?
  195. 1st treatment with Dr Crouch Swindon
  196. Dents in skin - post IPL
  197. The Starlux vs The Quantum - experience?
  198. OMG! All this time the derm had YAG and Pulse Dye lasers!!!!
  199. Success with Dr. Drury
  200. The real scoop on Photodynamic Therapy w/Levulan
  201. Topical Niacin Prior to IPL
  202. Dr. Nase please answer
  203. skin cancer all red led lamp
  204. Can someone guide me with what lasers to use...please
  205. Dr. Nase, could u comment on photodynamic therapy
  206. Dr Nase-Should I cancel IPL appt if face not bad these days?
  207. Facial Matting - IPL
  208. How to "educate" your derm?
  209. ipl head on cutera(xeo) laser any input
  210. fotofacial RX
  211. IPL for neck
  212. vessel shrinkage vs. absorption
  213. Boulder/Denver, CO Physician for Laser Treatment?
  214. Laser Treatment for Ocular Rosacea?
  215. Dr. Nase - HELP!!! Post IPL flush - damaging???
  216. Which treatment is better Dr Pattersons or Dr Crouch?
  217. has anyone tried?
  218. What about laser resurfacing or microdermabrasion?
  219. Anyone's eyes worse after IPL?
  220. Post IPL/Laser use of Noriate, Metrogel etc.
  221. IPL and Seb Derm
  222. Dr. Nase your input would mean a lot
  223. Question for Dr. Nase - skin biopsy results post IPL
  224. 1 week post IPL - burning?
  225. so very confused
  226. What now ! (post IPL woe's)
  227. Portrait PSR3 Treatments
  228. Portrait PSR3 Treatments
  229. copper-peptide complexes strongly stimulate angiogenesis?
  230. Dr. Nase, can you explain the physics behind IPL?
  231. 2nd treatment with Dr Crouch - Swindon
  232. IPL and sensitive skin
  233. Question for Dr. Crouch -- Treatment of Thinned Rosacea Skin
  234. Yag "Paint Mode"
  235. Post-IPL bruising "normal"???????
  236. Veinwave-treatment for rosacea???
  237. dr nase :) hyperpigmentation post laser
  238. Why only the 560 with the Lumenis One?
  239. What is difference between tengalactasia & vascular lesi
  240. microdermabrasion
  241. Dr. Nase, last questions on photodynamic therapy, I promise
  242. Better Laser Treatments -- Adding Clotting Meds?
  243. Red LED lamp?
  244. Luminis microlasers, where?
  245. Dr Darm, 2 months post treatment report
  246. The burning question –IPL, how to know when we are cooked
  247. What to use to elevate head in bed post-IPL?
  248. Treating chronic redness & the underlying flush
  249. Rosacea -- resting facial blood flow is incredibly high
  250. Blood vessels in the eye lids