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  1. Can one have seb derm in the face ONLY?
  2. Moisturizer bad for seb derm? Help dealing with SebDerm + Rosacea.
  3. Antibiotics and seb derm flare
  4. Slight build up of skin on forehead
  5. Perioral Dermatitis (Male)
  6. Have I been misdiagnosed, or half diagnosed??
  7. Butterfly rash
  8. Bugger It!
  9. SD in the summer
  10. I need steroid spray for allergies
  11. sebhorreic dermatitis, steroid cream, help??
  12. Seb Derm, etc resouces
  13. Safe and Effective Alternative to Hydrocortizone for SD?
  14. Seb Derm - A Pictorial Representation of Factors
  15. Fungal Theory
  16. Can you use Hydrocortisone 1% while on low dose accutane?
  17. Hmmm...interesting (gut health)- long, sorry!
  18. Protopic question!
  19. Request-'after' photos of seb derm
  20. skin near beard area is red and itchy
  21. Pau D'arco vs Neem vs Olive Leaf vs Garlic
  22. Can anyone identify these symptoms? Desperate.
  23. Can KPRF affect the nose?
  24. From this description, do I have Kp or rosacea?
  25. So NOW what do I do?!?!?
  26. Jock Itch Product
  27. Seb derm redness?
  28. Creme/Moisture that helps seb derm?
  29. Non-irritating Hydrocortisone cream
  30. Rosacea or Seborrhea..or Both?
  31. The new way to "exfoliate"
  32. Makeup that's clearing up my seb derm
  33. thinned skin
  34. Please read, thank u!!!
  35. Leading Authority on SD
  36. SD and Tanning
  37. Anyone got some evidence that oral antifungal helps treat Seb Derm?
  38. Hydrocortisone not in a thick cream
  39. Xolegel
  40. Miconazole for seb derm ?
  41. Would like advice SD related
  42. 4 days Itraconazole 200mg/day = Big seb derm flare.
  43. Confused- AGAIN!!!
  44. Anyone heard of this study? - Succesfully seb derm with homeopathic mineral therapy
  45. How would you get rid of these flakes? - PICTURES INCLUDED -
  46. UV light for seb derm?
  47. Hydrocortsione, how come its not working for me?
  48. What methods workes against dialated vessels?
  49. Coconut Oil
  50. I need to get in touch with someone with urticaria pigmentosa
  51. A shampo/wash for Seb Derm for the face. - Anyone?
  52. Inflamation under control - But still scaling?
  53. Not again sigh...
  54. Seb derm and moisturiser???
  55. Seb Derm without flakes/oil??
  56. How to treat SD?
  57. Scalp and Facial SebDerm. Very Resistant.
  58. Anyone tried to just let it be?
  59. Joining yahoo sd support group
  60. Redness of KPRF?
  61. Inflammation
  62. Zona
  63. If you're using Elidel this may be a bonus to you
  64. what is it?!!!?
  65. Hypothyroid rosacea
  66. Rosacea Or Seb Derm?
  67. Cold Nose, Ears, & Hands
  68. Does nizoral cream help in the long run?
  69. SD, what washes for face?
  70. Seb Derm around mouth?
  71. Swollen nose in the morning anyone?
  72. If have found something thats gotten rid of my seb derm.
  73. What are the standard first line prescriptions for SD
  74. ZNP bar, cklindamycin phosphate foam, and cultivate lotion... Help me out.
  75. Ketoconazole aggravates flaking?
  76. Seb Derm and Swelling
  77. Anyone have poor blood circulation?
  78. How long before results with Born to Be Mild?
  79. Perioral Dermatitis and makeup
  80. I effing hate this effing condition (seb. derm)
  81. Small depressed acne marks
  82. Here's a nifty little question.
  83. some help...photos of clinical differences of skin conditions
  84. rosacea and migraines
  85. Red skin around mouth/nose/forehead/cheeks
  86. Why does sweat allways equals Seb Derm flare?? -
  87. Could Antibiotics actually cause Seborrheic Dermatitis?
  88. Vitamins
  89. Food Intollerances
  90. 22-m-hispanic is this rosacea?????help..
  91. Forehead Red Bumps
  92. The white flakes, aka sebum
  93. Could Eco Light Bulbs be causing skin diseases?
  94. Sickness rash
  95. acne and rosacea
  96. More itchy/flakey when it rains?
  97. Anybody With Seb Derm also have other Fungal Infections or Had?
  98. Demodex - What 'works' best?
  99. Just had ETS on friday.
  100. ZZ Cream has %1 boric acid in it!
  101. Itraconazole for seb derm...
  102. Random stuff about nizoral and seb. derm
  103. Seborrheic Dermatitis and hair loss
  104. Question about Seb. Dermatitis and Nizoral.
  105. What Moisturiser & Cover-Up For severely flaky,crusty,dry,red Seb Derm Skin? HELP!
  106. Does Protopic increase chances of skin cancer?
  107. Nizoral Cream Usage
  108. can seb derm cause flushing?
  109. Does this sound like seb. derm or rosacea?
  110. Diagnosis
  111. Raynaud's Warming Cream?
  112. Any oral supplements that have helped with your SD?
  113. Seb Derm
  114. Applying Meds for Seb. Derm
  115. Redness and Seb. Derm
  116. Another Seb. Derm question
  117. Zinc pyrithione nightmare...seeking advice...
  118. Blue light for seb derm
  119. How I treat my SD
  120. Elidel: "Intermittent, Long-Term Use"
  121. Seb Derm Remission
  122. Itchy scalp and face ?
  123. kp/ipl
  124. Inflamed cyst - deep scar forming
  125. Eczema
  126. Spray Tans for sebhorreic dermatitis - good or bad?
  127. Tight skin on face?
  128. ZNP Bar or Born to be Mild
  129. Moisturising
  130. Can kprf affect the chin?
  131. seb derm flare after metrocream
  132. Skin best at morning, could it be allergic?
  133. Most gentle treatment for seb derm with rosacea
  134. General questions about Nizoral
  135. Does SD rebound with treatment?
  136. Is all 1% Hydrocortisone the same?
  137. Can't tan in face anymore.. Why?
  138. Eyelid flakes
  139. Flakey Face
  140. Red nose from seb derm?
  141. Saline causing seb derm and eczema flair
  142. Rosacea of the scalp?
  143. I think I have rosacea after all :(:(
  144. Low dose accutane and Seb Derm?
  145. Used hydrocortisone in 4 month now. -
  146. What causes the redness from seb derm?
  147. Daktacort
  148. Flaking and dirt
  149. Steam for SD
  150. Update on my Seb Derm
  151. Controlling Seb Derm
  152. Coexistence of other metabolic monsters with Rosacea
  153. just told I have sub derm
  154. Seb derm treatments
  155. Facial redness from seb derm?
  156. Newbie found small success with Vinegar - looking for more natural remedies?
  157. Low dose Antibiotics for Seborrheic dermatitis ?
  158. Can you feel the sun hit your face?
  159. @ Containedd- How is the accutane going for your sebderm?
  160. seb derm advice...please. very stressed out
  161. Here we go again...I think
  162. protopic
  163. Scars from seb derm?
  164. Does this sound like seb derm?
  165. Seb derm and eyebrows/lashes thinning out
  166. Anyone with acne tried blue light?
  167. Hashimoto's, Antibodies and Rosacea
  168. raw plucked chicken skin
  169. Help with a Cyst on Chin
  170. Really struggling budging the redness from seb derm? any advice?
  171. Rogaine and Seb Derm?
  172. Is This Seb Derm???
  173. Seb Derm and Accutane
  174. seb derm and doxycyline
  175. Seb derm help!!!
  176. Help with Seb Derm and Tea Tree oil.
  177. Fell out of the skin-disorder tree and hit every single branch.
  178. How do you control acne?
  179. SD - Why is it so hard to budge?
  180. Acne or Rosacea?
  181. Borage Oil for Seb Derm
  182. Seb Derm (skin diseases) and link to leaky gut
  183. Seb D or/and Rosacea
  184. Urging you to try this out : diet,apple cider vinegar
  185. Seb Derm and Acne Help
  186. Promiseb/Sebclair study
  187. eye socket and temple redness
  188. Perioral dermatitis :(
  189. Seb Derm study
  190. Anyone used Dermarest Eczema Medicated Moisturizer for seb derm?
  191. So confused! Please help me!
  192. Red & Hot cheeks daily~just started
  193. Help, cant control sebD anymore
  194. Ok, so does eating bread really effect your SD?
  195. Lupus Question!
  196. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
  197. Seb Derm?
  198. very good cream against seb derm..
  199. SEB DERM treatment Please help?? Depressed
  200. been prescribed hydrozole for seb derm
  201. Keratosis pilaris 99% gone
  202. Lymphoma
  203. Is this real?
  204. Bumps on chin- not acne
  205. Gastrointestinal illnesses with Seb derm ............?
  206. Excessive Sweating
  207. Is this Seb Derm?
  208. Really tight bad seb derm...what to do?!
  209. Rosacea and intestine/colon swelling.
  210. does seb derm make skin oilier during flares?
  211. Getting prescription Sporanox (Itraconazole)?
  212. Perioral dermatitis; questions!?
  213. Getting Rid of Blackheads
  214. SD and POD
  215. My battle with seborrehic dermatitis- 95% gone- with pics
  216. Histadelia
  217. Success with Honey & cocount oil - Pic.
  218. What's wrong with my face?
  219. Nose breaking out from honey?
  220. The difference between a ....................
  221. raw honey..cant find it anywhere
  222. Anyone tested for follicular mites?
  223. Very Oily skin
  224. Re: Rosacea and seb derm??
  225. A HUGE Thank you to Auburn!
  226. Contact Dermatitis?? HELP!
  227. Starting the Honey treatment with pics. Advice please.
  228. Paraneoplastic dermatomyositis
  229. Do I have the right honey?
  230. Hi
  231. seb derm and the sun
  232. Anybody Else Find Nizoral Dries Out Their Scalp?
  233. Another honey question
  234. Anyone tried Zenmed products?
  235. Antibiotics making seb derm worse?
  236. Bumps in the scalp,,anyone else?
  237. Neutrogena T/Sal on face
  238. Acne on my chin only!
  239. Re: Rosacea evolving into lupus
  240. Seb Derm and honey/coco oil
  241. KPRF - how does it start?
  242. Honey Question
  243. rosacea and vaginal cysts
  244. How I am controlling my Seborrheic Dermatitis so far...
  245. My seb derm frustrations. Raw honey ups and downs...
  246. Do I have seb derm,, just checking
  247. Sinus Infection and Rosacea
  248. Seb question for the pros
  249. What is this? New here...
  250. Rosacea and digestive problems