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  27. Dr. Hartley THomas
  28. au pair (looking after children)
  30. Advanced Cosmetic Dermatology
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  35. TORONTO- need advice about accommodation
  36. Dr. Steve Johnson, - Sevieville Tennessee
  37. Midwestern People
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  40. Michigan
  41. chicago area
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  45. melissa in N.Y.C.
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  57. CALMIN Environmental Protection Cream (EPC) SPF 15
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  67. Very knowledgeable Derm in GA
  68. Eugene or Grants Pass Oregon doctors?
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  70. I need to find a very skilled Dr. in Washington Dc for Ipl.
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  74. Los Angeles area Derm?
  75. ipl
  76. I need a derm in Virginia Beach
  77. Dr. Kevin Smith, Niagara Falls, Ontario
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  79. For Matt, Sans002
  80. "Perfecta V-Beam" in Illinois???
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  91. People From The Dakotas On The Boards?
  92. Rosaceans on Puerto Rico
  93. IPL specialist and Derm in Pittsburgh?
  94. Looking for IPL/Laser in Dallas
  95. Massachusetts?
  96. Las Vegas, Nv Area?
  97. Dr. Eric Berg, Madison WI
  98. Dr. Nick Soldo
  99. Vbeam in Arizona
  100. LA IPL - Preferably with Sciton
  101. Philadelphia
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  103. David Cohen?
  104. Chicago support group
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  106. Nu Image Medispa Tampa?
  107. Need to find a GOOD, EXPERIENCED, Rosacea Doctor in the Toronto-Niagara area???
  108. Rosacea Trial
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  110. Good derm in the Niagara/Buffalo area?
  111. Seattle, WA
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  114. Laser practitioners in Arizona or Florida
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  121. Western New York
  122. Good Doctor In Bozeman, Montana
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  125. Anyone Near Chatham, Ontario, Canada?
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  127. Good Derm in Minnesota?
  128. Dr. Yeh Sandra - San Jose CA
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  131. Virginia-Maryland-Delaware?
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  134. Denver area-looking for a good rosacea dr.
  135. IPL Michigan/Ohio
  136. Bay Area Doctors? Reccomendations?
  137. S. California (Riverside area) Good VBeam Rosacea Doctor?
  138. vbeam perfecta on Vancouver Island/Vancouver
  139. Northeast tn or tri city area tn-hope to hear from someone soon
  140. Washington DC Area Rosacea Specialists
  141. Rosaceans in Minnesota
  142. rosaceans in springfield, mo??
  143. Rosaceans in San Diego area? or Los Angeles area?
  144. Doctors
  145. S.F, Bay Area?
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  148. Is Dr Bailey Legit?
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